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Rehab is where we really excel. Our world-cup winning physio Jo McGilchrist has rehabbed some of the finest in the land (see what they have to say here). After winning the world-cup she went and completed a masters in rehab before becoming the lead rehab physio at Gloucester Rugby


Rehab helps you get back to where you want to be and keeps you there. Whether it's surgery, a specific injury or an overuse injury, rehab is key to getting you back and reduce your likelihood of reinjuring. 


As a part of your rehab process, we need to identify where in the ‘healing’ cycle you are. If you have undergone surgery or sustained an acute injury you may be in the early stages of healing such as the bleeding or inflammatory phase. If you have an overuse injury such as an achilles tendinopathy you may be in one of the latter stages such as the remodeling stage. Once this has been identified you will be rehabbed in a way that promotes transition through the healing phases with appropriate loading to achieve your goals. 

Do you know how to optimally load a muscle, tendon or bone? Know what you should rehab 4x a day versus every other day? Can you match the opposite reps to best address your deficits?... 


>20 reps



15 reps

1-6 reps

Basketball Player on Wheenchair


We commonly rehab many surgeries. Some of the below are examples of what we routinely rehab:

  • Knee – acl repairs, meniscal repairs, reconstructions, ‘washouts’ and knee replacements. 

  • Hip – Labral repairs, ‘washouts’ and hip replacements

  • Foot & Ankle – Lateral and syndesmosis stabilisations, achilles ruptures, ‘bunionectomies’ 

  • Spinal – Diskectomies, foraminectomies and spinal fusions

  • Shoulders – Stabilisations including labral repairs, Laterjet’s and a/c’s, tendon repairs

  • Hand and Wrist – Tendon reattachments, carpal tunnel release

Think you’re ‘too broken’? Jo loves a challenge and some of her proudest rehab achievements have been with major trauma clients. She’s achieved life-changing results with clients and sights her proudest rehab success as "getting a client who came to us with a below-knee amputation and paralysed arm and rib cage cycling from London to Paris for charity, everyone was a winner!". So whether it's complex limb reconstruction or ‘simple’ surgery you know you’ll get world-class knowledge and results from our rehab. 

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