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"Jo rehabbed me after a back injury sustained playing for British & Irish Lions. she used lots of pilates exercises which allowed me to get back on the pitch for club and country. I'm grateful for her expertise and would highly recommend her for spinal and sports injuries."
Ross Moriarty

"I went through a long term injury with Jo and had the perfect experience. She was the right balance of intensity when pushing me and knowing when to ease off including when it came to mental state of mind. Even when I was 'fixed' physically, Jo recognises the need to be ready mentally as well. I went the entire time with no hiccups and got back playing earlier then surgeons said. Jo will always be honest and truthful with you about your treatment and progress."
Shaunagh Brown

"Jo came to Harlequins and completely changed my perspective of rehab from the start. Her knowledge and expertise left me with so many questions and wanting to learn more about my program. I felt progression with every session we had. Her attention to detail around exercise choice and reasoning made complete sense and related directly either to my sport, injury or weakness. She is by far the best sports physio I have had the pleasure to work with."
Leanne Riley

"I'm grateful for Jo's direction, perseverance and professionalism in managing my injury, I'd highly recommend her!"
Richard Hibbard

"I worked with Jo after my ankle surgery, Jo was thorough from the early stages of rehab right through to my return to play, extremely professional and knowledgeable giving me confidence to return to play ahead of schedule. I would gladly work with Jo again!"
Greig Laidlaw

"I worked with Jo as I had an acute injury that turned into being chronic. Jo took the time to properly look at various issues which had been feeding in to the injury and put together a long term plan to which I was included. She helped me through frustrating times by explaining to me why we were doing what we were doing and as a result my injury has been managed a lot better resulting in me being able to train and play a lot more."
Sarah Beckett


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