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We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in sports physio to get you back to doing what you love.


Our sports physio experience includes working in professional rugby union, rugby league, with Olympic athletes through the English Institute of Sport and our very own world-cup winning physio Jo McGilchrist. See testimonies for what our world-class athletes have to say about their sports physio experience.


Our sports physio covers everything from the moment you are injured to the moment you get 'back in the saddle’. Worried about whether you should go to hospital and get it x-rayed? Concerned something’s been missed as it just doesn’t feel right? We work closely with our radiologists, sports doctors and consultants in the South West and central London to get you an accurate diagnosis. From this your management plan can be discussed with you and the ultimate question of ‘when will I get back?’ answered.

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Your sports physio experience will include an initial assessment (with an onward referral if required) to ascertain your diagnosis. From there we will use hands-on treatment to optimise your movement patterns and relieve pain. This may include soft tissue therapy, fascial release, joint mobilisations, manipulations, strapping and dry needling (using acupuncture needles if you’re brave enough!). To make these changes permanent (and this is where the real work starts) you will be given education and sport-specific rehab to reaffirm these optimised movement patterns. As your symptoms improve you will be progressed and rehabbed back to your level of sport. 


Sports injuries commonly treated include:

  • Ligament sprains – Ankle, Knee, Shoulders

  • Muscle tears – Hamstrings, Calfs, Groins and Quads

  • Dislocations – Shoulders, Knee caps, Ankles

  • Bones – Fractures, bone bruising, ‘Shin splints’

  • Cartilage damage – Meniscus, Labral tears

  • Tendons – Tears and tendinopathies: Achilles, ‘Jumpers knee’

  • Spinal injuries – Disks, pars defects

  • Paediatric issues – Severs, Osgood-Schlatter’s

Our sports physios are registered with the HCPC and CSP.

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