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80% of us will have back pain at some point in our life and this is the most common complaint we see at Elite Physios. We run a pilates class on Monday evenings to help with the long-term management of spinal issues. Pilates has been shown to reduce the number of reoccurrences of back pain and the intensity of any future episodes. So whether it’s a facet, disk, nerve root, SIJ or malalignment issue we’re here to help you. 

Back Pain


Child Physiotherapy




With more people working from home (and some less than desirable set-ups!) we are seeing more and more neck and headache issues. So whether you have a trapped nerve, a poorly moving facet joint, a disk issue or are post-op, Elite Physios can help get you back moving, call today for an appointment.  

The knee joint is actually made up of 3 joints so if you're getting pain or clicking using the stairs or locking, clicking or giving way post-injury then we are here to help. The knee is one of the most commonly injured joints during sports and we are frequented with rehabbing post-op and conservative acl's, pcl's, mcl's, lcl's and meniscal injuries. Please see our sports physio and sports rehab sections for our experience in professional sports. 

Upper Back Massage


At Elite Physios we love a shoulder! Why? Because we get fantastic results with them! They are the most mobile joint in the body but fortunately don’t have to withstand the same compressive forces as some of the other joints such as our knees and hips. As a result, we can get great results even when they are structurally ‘damaged’ such as rotator cuff, labrum and ligament tears. Our sports physio Jo McGilchrist loves a shoulder having had many a shoulder injury and surgery playing international rugby. So whether your shoulder is catching and needs better alignment, you are post-op or need to strengthen your rotator cuff, we have the answer.

Bare Feet

Foot & Ankle

Rolled your ankle and wondering if you should go to A&E? Struggling to get back to sport after an ankle injury or just had surgery such as a stabilisation or a bunionectomy, Elite Physios can help (literally!) get you back on your feet, contact us today.

Senior Couple


Whether you or a loved one just needs a bit of help getting back on their feet after a fall or hospital admission, post-op rehabilitation or falls prevention then Elite Physios can help. We understand the importance of being independent and physically able so you can get on with enjoying your golden years. See our Health & Aging section for further information.

Old Woman's Hands Deformed From Rheumatoid Arthritis Isolated on White Background.jpg


Most commonly (but not exclusively!) affecting the hips, knees and ankles. So whether you are post-op or wishing to manage your arthritis in conjunction with pharmaceutical management, supplements and acupuncture. Elite Physios can help you with strengthening, mobilising, pain management, re-alignment, education and advice.

Modern Ballet


Our physio Jo McGilchrist did research into how we assess hips as a part of her Masters. She researched the reliability, validity, sensitivity and specificity of hip tests we use aka do they tell us what we need to know about your hips? So if you’re after help with your hip pain then she’s the physio for you! 

Pregnant Woman


At Elite Physios we treat an array of pregnancy-related issues so whether it is pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome we are here to help you. A small request if we may… Please call us early to discuss rather than “seeing if it’ll go away”. As you progress through the trimesters your posture continues to change making it harder to activate your ‘core’ muscles which can result in overloading of certain joints. Call early to nip it in the bud early! Unfortunately, our bodies don't automatically 'bounce back' after giving birth so if you are having difficulties post-partum from carrying or lifting the baby then we are here to help.


Elbow, wrist & hand

SMALL but MIGHTY...One of the most sensitive and dexterous parts of the body with significant representation in the brain, so when they go wrong you can’t fail but notice! Tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures and tendon repairs are some of the elbow, wrist and hand issues we commonly treat at Elite Physios so contact us today to book an appointment. 

Active Man

Muscle tears

The two biggest risk factors for muscle reinjury are previous muscle injury and age, unfortunately, these only go in one direction! Do you know how long before you’re back sprinting on a grade 2 fascial, musculotendonous and intra-tendonous hamstring tear? Great news! Know which ones to load eccentrically and which to avoid loading eccentrically initially? Not sure? Contact us and we’ll get you back doing what you love safely and as quickly as possible. 

Ankle and Ligaments


Whether you have had a complete rupture with surgical repair, a partial tear that needs rehab or an overload tendinopathy Elite Physios can help. Tendon loading is an art (backed up with science of course!). Load too much and they react, underload and they don’t adapt. There are a lot of things to consider when loading a tendon. Do you want to load it in inner, mid or outer range? Do you want to lengthen the tendon with load or keep it the same length depending on the healing stage? As the Queen of tendons - Jill Cook - said 'tendinopathies are not just for Christmas, they're for life'. It's all about load management so let Elite Physios take control of your loading so that you can get back symptom-free to what is important to you.

ACL Injury, word cube with background..jpg

Ligament tears

Ligaments are all over our bodies and are important in helping keep stability in our joints. The most commonly injured are in our ankles when we ‘roll’ our ankles and in our knees such as the infamous 'footballers' acl injury. Having experience in both professional rugby league and rugby union we've got bucket loads of experience in rehabbing all grades of ligament tears. So whether you've had surgery or are trying to avoid surgery contact us for help.

X-ray fracture ulnar bone (forearm bone).jpg


Oooch! First of all are you ok? You must have sustained a decent impact for your bone(s) to break. Elite Physios can help once you have been given the all-clear to start loading by the consultant, be that coming out of the immobiliser (boot, brace, cast, splint, sling etc) or after you have had surgery. We also deal with bone load issues such as bone bruising and 'shin splints'. We will help you get your range back, get you strong and get you back to doing what you love as soon as is safely possible.

Neck pain, nervous system, human anatomy, spine and neck nerves__.jpg


Some of the most painful and interestingly weird symptoms (water trickling down your leg?!). When a nerve ‘gets trapped’ it can really take your breath away. At Elite Physios we look to alleviate them as quickly as possible so you can get back to what is important to you, even if that is just simply breathing pain-free!

At Elite Physios we have a wealth of physio experience in sports physio, sports rehab, elderly physio, rehab and pilates.  So let us help you rid yourself of your pain and guide you back to what you love doing, contact us today.


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