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Surgical options for hip chondral lesions

Updated: May 13, 2023

Sobti 2020 AMIC+BMAC v microfracture
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Just reviewed the attached article re: surgical intervention for chondral lesions of the hip. In short they compared microfracture (where they drill into the bone to make it bleed) with a collagen matrix glued (with fibrin glue). Outcomes of the latter were superior at 18 months follow-up. Mid and long-term still to be researched. Specifically 33% of the microfracture group progressed to hip replacement at 18 months, this was more prevalent in the >50's group.

Potential conflict of interest though as the senior author had a consultancy post with the funders of this research.

See the author discuss his research findings: alongside two other hip surgeons and sports Dr. Julian Widdowson @Schoen clinic...

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